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Free Basic Mass in Chinese booklet with English and Tagalong/Libreng Basic Mass sa Chinese buklet na may Ingles at Tagalong..

The prayers that are translated on this website use Hanyu Pinyin, 漢語拼音.   Hanyu Pinyin is a way of pronoucing Chinese using English letters.     There are four tones in Chinese and they are marked by the small lines you may see above certain portions of words. counters

 -    Lādīngwn =   Latin         
Some of most Traditional prayers on this website have Latin text for each prayer.   Latin is the offical language of the Roman Catholic Church.   There are also downloadable mp3's of each prayer in Latin.






This is a website dedicated to helping Catholics learn how to pray in Chinese.   

It is to help cultivate understanding of Catholic Faith and to help travelers who wish to attend the Catholic Mass when it is in Chinese. 

It is also to help any Missionaries who want spread the faith and need to learn how to speak Chinese.

  I am a Catholic who lives in Taiwan ( Republic of China).   Taiwan is a free island that is part of China but has it's own Independent government not under the control of  The Peoples Republic of China. 

Taiwan's Catholic Church is aligned with the Roman Catholic Church and is not apart of Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association or CPCA.    The CPCA is an organization sponsored and controlled by the Government in mainland China. The Roman Catholic Church currently has better relations with the government in mainland China, but all Churches in China must be registered with the government there.   

Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association Wiki information

天主教會台灣地區主教團 Chinese Regional Bishops Conference (Taiwan)

MDBG Chinese-English dictionary

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Free Booklets for download!

These Booklets are to help with learning how to pray Catholic Prayers in Chinese:
 You can download .pdf copy of the document, but if you would like copy in a different format please e-mail me and I will send you a copy in the format you would like, if it is possible. 
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The Free booklets are here.



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