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Hail Holy Queen


 mǔ hu wn f

母-mǔ = mother  后-hu = queen

萬-wn= great   福-f= good fortune   


 rnc de mǔqīn

仁慈-rnc = benevolent, charitable, merciful

的-de = (possessive marker) 母親-mǔqīn = mother



wǒmen de shēngmng

我們-wǒmen= we      的-de= (possessive marker)

生命-shēngmng = life, living



wǒmen de gān y

我們-wǒmen= we     的-de= (possessive marker)

甘-gān= willing/ sweet       飴-y = syrup



wǒmen de xīwng

我們-wǒmen= we      的-de= (possessive marker)

希望-xīwng= to wish for, to desire, hope



w zǐsūn


厄- = distressed     娃-w = baby

子孫-zǐsūn = offspring, posterity



zicǐ chnsh

在此-zicǐ = here to, here      塵世-chnsh = this mortal life,



xing nǐ āi hū


向-xing = to turn towards, to support,   妳-nǐ = you (female)

哀-āi = sorrow, grief, pity     呼-hū= to call



zi zh tq zhī gǔ


在-zi = in, at, on (preposition of place)     這-zh = this

涕泣-tq =to weep, to shed tears    之-zhī =(possessive marker)

谷-gǔ = valley



xing nǐ tnxī kū qi


向-xing = to turn towards, to support,     妳-nǐ = you (female)

嘆息-tnxī = to sigh, to gasp       哭-kū =to cry, to weep

求-qi = to request, to seek



wǒmen de zhǔ bǎo

我們-wǒmen= we        的-de= (possessive marker)

主-zhǔ = Lord God   保-bǎo =to defend, to protect, to guard



 qi nǐ hug


求-qi = to request, to beseech     你-nǐ = you   

回顧-hug = to look back, to review



lin sh wǒmen


憐- lin = to pity    視-sh = to look at, to regard, to inspect

我們-wǒmen= we



yīdn liwng qīmǎn


一旦-yīdn = in case, in a short time 

流亡-liwng = to force into exile, to be exiled

期滿-qīmǎn = to come to an end



shǐ wǒmen d jin nǐ de Shngzǐ

使-shǐ = to make, to cause, enable, to use, to send

我們-wǒmen= we       得-d= to obtain, to get, to gain

見-jin = to see, to meet, to appear      妳-nǐ = you (female)

的-de = (possessive marker)

聖子-Shngzǐ = Holy Son Jesus Christ



wnmn chēngsng de Yēsū

萬民-wnmn = all the people       稱頌-chēngsng = praise

的-de = (possessive marker) 耶穌- Yēsū = Jesus



tngzhēn Mǎly

童貞-tngzhēn = virginity, chastity      瑪利亞-Mǎly = Mary



 nǐ sh kuān rn de

你-nǐ = you    是-sh= is, are, am,     寬-kuān = lenient,

仁-rn = humane       的-de =(possessive marker)



cbēi de


慈悲-cbēi =mercy        的-de =(possessive marker)



gān y de

甘-gān= willing/ sweet     飴-y = syrup  

 的-de =(possessive marker)



Tiān Zhǔ Shngmǔ

天主-Tiān Zhǔ= Heavenly Lord     聖母-Shngmǔ= Holy Mother



qǐng wi wǒmen qqi

請-qǐng =to ask, to invite    

為-wi = to act as, to serve as, to become        我們-wǒmen= we

祈求-qqi = to pray for, to appeal



shǐ wǒmen kān shu Jīdū de ēn xǔ ymng


使-shǐ = to make, to cause, enable, to use, to send

我們-wǒmen= we         堪-kān =to endure, may, can

受-shu =to receive, to accept, to suffer, to stand

基督-Jīdū = Jesus Christ      的-de =(possessive marker)

恩-ēn =favor, grace, kindness

 許-xǔ = to allow, to permit, to praise        亞孟- ymng = Amen

Hail, Holy Queen

Hail, holy Queen, Mother of Mercy!
Our life, our sweetness, and our hope!
To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve, to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping
 in this valley, of tears.  Turn, then, most gracious advocate,  thine eyes of mercy toward us; and after this our exile show unto us the  blessed fruit of thy womb Jesus;  O clement, O loving, O sweet virgin Mary! 
Pray for us, O holy Mother of God  That we may be made worthy of the  promises of Christ.

Hail Holy Queen      latin 

 Salve, Regina      拉丁文

Salve, Regna,
Mater misericrdi,
vita, dulcdo et spes nostra, salve.
Ad te clammus,
xsules flii Ev.
Ad te suspirmus gemntes et flentes
in hac lacrimrum valle.
Eia ergo, advocta nostra,
illos tuos misericrdes culos
ad nos convrte.
Et Iesum benedctum fructum ventris tui,
nobis, post hoc exslium, ostnde.

O clemens, o pia, o dulcis Virgo Mara!

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Our Lady of China

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