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Here are some videos from OMK Mandarin Surabaya. 泗水教区华语天主教青年团

These videos are in Simplified Chinese and are from Indoniesa

Catholic and Religious Media:


The Daily Mass From St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans

Catholic The Daily Mass


Relevant Radio




Hakka Rosary: Catholic Prayers in Hakkanese. The Hakka culture is a subculture found in China and Taiwan


Information Citation Links:


天主教會台灣地區主教團 Chinese Regional Bishops Conference(Taiwan)

天主教網頁大全 Catholic World Links in Chinese

Pastoral Library of eBooks in Chinese M.P.U. MaryKnoll(Taiwan)

Treasury of Latin Prayers/ Thesaurus Precum Latinarum

English to Latin Dictionary

Sonitus Sanctus

Catholic Doors with alot of Church Information in English

MDBG Chinese-English dictionary


Papal Documents:

Papal Encyclical on Communism and The Church in China

Ecclesia in Asia: A Message from John-Paul II to Catholics in Asia

Papal Encyclical on Christians as Citizens

Pope Francis Message to the Church in China

The Church and Information Links:


教廷網站 Vatican Website

Pontifical Mission Societies

Patron Saints -Alphabetically

Apostolate for Family Consecration

Holy Face Association

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Donation are made via paypal and are secured through their services.

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Hail Holy Queen
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Act of Contrition / Confession Guide
Free Media / Audio Downloads
Catechism in Chinese Booklet
Free Bookets / Donation
Links and Info


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