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Prayer before a Crucifix

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Prayer Before a Crucifix

Prayer Before the Crucifix
Xing yēsū kǔ xing qdǎo wn
qiāng xingxi měishn de zhǔ Yēsū kn wǒ,
將 – qiāng = to request 向下 – xingxi = downward 美善 – měishn = beautiful and good 的 – de = (possessive particle) 主 – zhǔ = Lord 耶穌 – Yēsū = Jesus 看 – kn = to look at, to look after 我 – wǒ = I, my, me
wǒ rjīn jingdī gu ji wǒ ryn xia zi dwi nn minqin,
我 – wǒ = I, 如今 – rjīn = now 降低 – jingdī = to reduce , to lower, to bring down 跪- gu = to kneel 就 - ji = to approach, to move towards, to engage in, subjected to, 我 – wǒ = I, 而言 -ryn = with regard to, 下 - xia = down 在 – zi = (preposition of place) in, at, on, (to be) in 地位 – dwi = position, status, place 您 – nn = you 面前 – minqin = in front of, facing, (in the) presence (of)
  j lnghn di hud de kěwng,
急 – j = urgent, pressing, anxious, 靈魂 – lnghn = soul 待 – di = to wait, 回答 – hud = to reply, 的 – de = (possessive particle) 渴望 – kěwng = to thirst for,
zu rqi de kěnqi nn chungei,
最 – zu = most, the most, -est 熱切 – rqi = fervent 地 – de = -ly, (adverb modifier) 懇求 – kěnqi = to beseech, 您 – nn = you 傳給 – chungei = to hand on, to pass on, to give, to transfer
bǎ jiān qu de xn d,
把 – bǎ = to take hold of, to handle 堅 – jiān = strong, firm, unyielding, resolute 確 – qu = authenticated, solid, firm, real, true 的 – de = (possessive marker) 信– xn = to trust, to believe, to profess faith in, confidence, trust 德 – d = virtue, morality, ethics, favor, kindness
chngkěn de wng d
誠懇 – chngkěn = sincere, honest 的 – de = (possessive marker) 望 – wng = to hope, to look towards 德 – d = virtue, morality, ethics, favor, kindness 和真摰的愛情, h zhēn ni de i qng, 和 – h = and, together with, with 真 – zhēn = really, truly, genuine, true 摰 – ni = to seize with the hand, to grasp, to advance 的 – de = (possessive marker) 愛– i = love, to be fond of, like 情- qng = sentiment, feeling
Yǐ j zhēnxīn tnghuǐ wǒ de zuguo
以- yǐ = by means of, thereby, therefore, consider as, in order to 及 – j = extend, reach, and 真心 – zhēnxīn = sincere, heartfelt, 痛–tng = sorrow, ache, deeply, thoroughly 悔 - huǐ = to regret 我- wǒ = me 的 – de = (possessive marker) 罪過 – zuguo = sin
bng jiāndng gǎigu de juxīn,
並 – bng = and, furthermore, also, together with, to combine, to join, to merge 堅定 – jiāndng = firm, steady, staunch, resolute 改過 – gǎigu = to correct, to fix 的 – de = (possessive marker) 決心 – juxīn = determination, resolution,
dōu shēn yn zi wǒ xīn lǐ.
都 – dōu = all, both, 深 – shēn = close, deep, profound 印 – yn = to mark, 在 – zi = (preposition of place) in, at, on, (to be) in 我- wǒ = me, my 心 - xīn = heart, mind, soul, core 裏 – lǐ = interior, inside 主耶穌, Zhǔ yēsū 主 – zhǔ = Lord 耶穌 – Yēsū = Jesus
dāng wǒ xīnzhōng kěnqi r'i de zhānyǎng
當 – dāng = to be, to act as, just at ( a time or place), 我- wǒ = me, my 心中 – xīnzhōng = in one’s thoughts, in one’s heart 懇切 – kěnqi = earnest, sincere 熱愛 - r'i = to love ardently, to adore 地 – de = -ly, (adverb modifier) 瞻仰 – zhānyǎng = to revere, to admire
mxiǎng nn de wǔ shāng sh,
默想 – mxiǎng = silent contemplation, to meditate, to think in silence 您 – nn = you 的 – de = (possessive marker) 五傷 - wǔ shāng = five wounds 時 – sh = tine, when
wǒ bin xiǎngqǐ dwi shngwng yng nn de kǒuq ln nn shuō:
我- wǒ = me, my 便 – bin = then, 想起 – xiǎngqǐ = to recall, to think of, to call to mind 達味 – dwi = David 聖王 – shngwng = sage ruler 用 – yng = to use, to employ, to have to 您 – nn = you 的 – de = (possessive marker) 口氣 – kǒuq = tone of voice, manner of expression 論 – ln = view, to talk about 您 – nn = you 說 – shuō = to speak, to say, to explain
`Tāmen chuāntu le wǒ de shǒu, wǒ de z, sh jǐn wǒ de yīqi higǔ.'
他們 – Tāmen = They 穿透 – chuāntu = to pierce, to penetrate 了 – le = (modal particle intensifying preceding clause), (Completed action marker) 我- wǒ = me, my 的 – de = (possessive marker) 手 – shǒu = hand 我- wǒ = me, my 的 – de = (possessive marker) 足 – z = foot 數 – sh = to number 盡 – jǐn = to exhaust, to end, to use up, to the utmost, finished 我- wǒ = me, my 的 – de = (possessive marker) 一切 – yīqi = every, all 骸骨 – higǔ =skeleton
Y mng.
亞孟 - y mng = Amen

Prayer before a Crucifix

Look down upon me, good and gentle Jesus, while before your face I humbly kneel, and with burning soul pray and beseech you to fix deep in my heart lively sentiments of faith, hope and charity, true contrition for my sins, and a firm purpose of amendment while I contemplate with deep love and tender pity your five wounds, pondering over them within me, calling to mind the words which David, your prophet, said of you, my good Jesus: "They have pierced my hands and my feet; they have numbered all my bones." Ps. 22: 17-18

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